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Christmas 1914 H C Lovell Cartoon

Christmas 1914 contrasted with those of former years by H C Lovell,
 and subsequently kept by John Baber

Rear of Christmas Card

 One of the fascinating aspects arising from writing a blog like this one, is how often a post will spark off correspondence with other people who have a common interest in the QWR.
Steve Hammond is one of the most committed researchers into the QWR and without his help the following post would only be a shadow of what it has become.
Whitmore & Sergeant Nutting.
[Captain J.B. Whitmore original commander of D Company.  Sergeant Nutting wears a Sheepskin waistcoat like that shown in Lovell's cartoon. The photo was taken at Houplines, and Buck House can be seen in the background. The barricade that formed the front is over Nutting's shoulder, and the German's are only 300 to 400 yards to his right]
In John Baber's papers I had found the Christmas Card shown above, that John had kept. I had drafted a post to go out on this blog before Christmas this year, and had spent some time wondering who H C Lovell was, however, I had been unable to locate his details. He doesn't appear in Henriques book, or in John's diaries.
Steve mean while had spotted the following medal group for sale between the 10th and 11th of  December 2014 by Dix Noonan, Webb Auctioneers. [1]
Captain H. C. Lovell, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, late London Regiment
1914 Star, with copy clasp (1177 Sjt., 1/16 Lond. R.); British War and Victory Medals (Capt.); Defence and War Medals (43901 Capt. H. C. Lovell, K.R.R.C.) privately impressed; Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, G.V.R. (1177 C.Q.M. Sjt., 16/Lond. R.) Cadet Forces Medal, G.VI.R. (A/Capt.)
It transpires  that Henry (Harry) Chandler Lovell had been born in Hammersmith, London in 1883.

He had joined the Queen’s Westminster Rifles well before the war in about 1908. He had become a Sergeant by the time that the Regiment went to France on 1 November 1914 (clasp confirmed on m.i.c.).

Like a lot of pre-war NCO's and volunteers, he was subsequently selected to become an Officer.  On 25 January 1916 he received a commission in the 20th (Blackheath & Woolwich) Battalion London Regiment. He was promoted to Lieutenant in July 1917, and attained the rank of Acting Captain in September 1918.

He appears to have remained in the Territorial Army after the war. He was awarded the T.F.E.M. by A.O. 67 of February 1919.

Lovell relinquished his rank on ceasing to be employed in April 1919 however he was granted the rank of Captain in the Territorial Force Reserve of the 20th Battalion London Regiment in March 1920.

In later civilian life he appears to have moved away from London, as he was appointed Postmaster in the Royston Sub-Office, Oldham, Lancashire. His obituary states that after the war he served with a Church Lads Brigade Battalion, which was at the time associated with the K.R.R.C.

He was appointed a Lieutenant in the National Defence Corps in June 1939 and as Lieutenant and Quartermaster in June 1940, before being granted the rank of Captain upon his retirement in September 1942.

Soon after he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the City of London Army Cadet Force and was advanced to Lieutenant in October 1943. Lovell retired having reached the age limit in April 1951 and was awarded the Cadet Forces Medal. He died at Hillingdon Hospital, Middlesex on 15th June 1953.

Lovell was obviously a skilled cartoonist. Steve Hammond has made me aware of another of Lovell's cartoons that has survived.  This one was done at the end of October 1914, for Olive Seabrook the daughter of Arthur Seabrook the Landlord of the Leather Bottle Pub at Leverstock Green.  The Regiment had been sent to Leverstock Green following mobilisation in August 1914, until they were sent out to France.
The full story of this visitors book can be read at the listed below [2]  which contains a number of other images of pages signed by other members of the regiment.

Lovell's Cartoon showing the Kaiser Fleeing before the battalions bayonets.
If you have found this blog due to your interest in HC Lovell or are aware of any other cartoon's by Lovell, Steve and I would be fascinated to hear from you. I can be contacted on 


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